We don’t need Narcisse anymore. He’ll see he needs us.

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CS + slow dancing on their first date. 

This drawing was made while listening to this x on repeat.

Updated! In light of recent spoiler pics :) and also because I wanted to submit it for #FanartFriday


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So it’s official…This side of my library is completely full!

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"We did not have any kind of concept of how big it was going to be, but my parents had the right attitude and always kept the right attitude with me, which was that it was all just fun. You know, going to a premiere was fun. Doing interviews was fun. You found ways of making it into a game. So I never felt pressure as a young kid, I never was really stressed out by it, and I never felt daunted by what was ahead. You know, I initially signed on for the first two films. Then, after that, each year, my mum and dad would say, “Are you still enjoying it? Do you still want to go back?” I would be like, “Yes.” And that was it, right up until after No. 5, when I just signed up for 6 and 7, because at that point there was no way I was going to not do the last two. It was an amazing way to spend my teenage years. I loved it, and I made some friends that I hope I’ll have for the rest of my life." -Daniel Radcliffe

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do you ever wonder what kind of person you would be today if harry potter never existed


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My new mobile pic

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Film Facts: Pride and Prejudice (2005)

At the beginning of the film, Elizabeth is shown reading a novel titled “First Impressions” - this was Jane Austen’s original title of her novel before she altered it to “Pride and Prejudice”. Additionally the text of the visible pages is readable when paused; it is the last chapter of Pride and Prejudice, with names changed.

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Books are the perfect proof that magic does, in fact, exist. 

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I’ll come back for you i whisper as i caress the books i can’t afford

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September Book Photo Challenge

Day 17: Spine of Book

I’ve always loved covers and spines of the Tiger’s Curse series.

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The Weasleys taking a stroll through the snow. Well, except for Charlie — he’s holding on for dear life!


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do you ever realize that percy jackson’s first impression of annabeth chase when he was twelve years old was that she looked like a princess and then he literally fainted

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Happy Birthday, Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Randall Fraser! (20 October 1918)

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Rory Gilmore relatable moments

↳ ‘I said thank you’ 

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